How a Caregiver Helped Me

When my mother was first diagnosed with cancer, I was concerned about the care she would receive during her treatments and the process of healing once she received the surgery she required. As a single mother of three children myself, this was devastating and I was unsure of how our family was going to survive while still caring for her during the toughest time in her life. I began to research various care giving services that would allow me to still provide for my family while being reassured that my mom was receiving the treatment she needed to get better even when I was not around.

Once I determined that the best solution for my mother was to hire a caregiver, I started to research various caregiver services and professionals locally by asking my friends and loved ones for referrals. Eventually, I was able to research caregivers to help with caring for my mother while I was still capable of going to work regularly and providing for my children from home.

Finding the right caregiver for my mother was one of the best decisions I ever made, especially because she was able to receive the care and assistance she needed throughout the entire process of healing and going through a number of treatments. Although it was emotionally overwhelming to see my mother in pain, she was much happier to have someone caring for her at various hours of the day when I was unavailable. Comparing caregivers was possible by doing so online, where I was able to view all of the services available in my area based on the hours I wanted to have the caregiver with my mother and the type of assistance she needed.

By hiring the caregiver, I knew I could still attend my job full time to ensure I was capable of taking care of my mother financially and my children emotionally even while my mother was enduring treatment. At first, my mother was hesitant to the idea of hiring a caregiver to help with assisting her physically while also providing comfort and emotional support. However, after getting to know the caregiver my mother was much happier and in much better spirits on a daily basis, even when she was handling chemotherapy and new treatments to help with the symptoms she was experiencing.

The caregiver I hired was extremely comforting and very compassionate for my mother during her time of need. She was able to provide my mother with both emotional comfort as well as the comfort of helping her during bouts of nausea and pain that she experienced. Having a caregiver also allowed my mother to get the rest that she needed to heal during strenuous tests and new medications that she was required to take regularly to help with battling the cancer.

Although it was a long struggle, my mother is now entirely cancer free and lives life happier than ever. I will be forever thankful for the caregiver that I chose to help my mother through some of the most difficult times in her life while I was still able to manage our household and take care of my children.