About Heidi‘s Temple

Thank you for visiting our site! We are coming to you from sunny Southern California and I am super excited to launch Heidi‘s Temple. This website has so much meaning to me personally (see story below). I am bringing together writers to provide articles for Mom‘s and we hope they‘ll make a real difference. We‘ll cover topics that matter in people‘s lives and hopefully help some people along the way. I am a woman who appreciates everything she has and feel like I have something to share. Sometimes I‘ll do product or service reviews, sometimes I‘ll just speak my mind and sometimes I write about nothing and everything.

I live with my husband of 2 years and am a recently a new mom; there are many trials and tribulations one goes through as a wife and mother. My Home or as I call it, my “Temple” is where it all begins and I have experiences to share. I use the pen name “Heidi”, which is based on a Swiss German fictional story. Both my husband and I have German backgrounds and love the story. If you have never heard of it, there was a movie made starring Shirley Temple. If you are ever super, super bored, watch the movie.

Love and Happiness,