mother and child

Promoting a Positive Homelife

As a busy mother with a busy household, there are lots of things that can be done to alleviate some of the stress of the household and make it a functionally better and happier place to live. When you have children, you will no doubt have some kind of clutter at all times. Focusing on organization for all rooms and keeping the home in complete repair can go a long way toward keeping moms everywhere happy and in good spirits.

There are certain household goods that can make the day to day life of mothers a whole lot easier, as well. Think of things like plastic storage containers with lids for the kitchen to store leftovers in, or bag-less vacuums so you don't have to worry about running to the store when you are trying to get your home cleaned up with a quickness 15 minutes before guests arrive. Some moms wouldn't know what to do without closet organizers or kid friendly calendars that help the kids with their chores.

Understanding the basics of home repair can also be very helpful for moms to know. When you have children running around, especially younger ones, you don't always have time to wait around for someone else to perform a basic repair. If you can do it yourself, not only will it be quicker, but it can also save quite a bit of money. A much better use of that money might be to invest it into your family or children's future, instead. You could also save money by using these same do it yourself skills to build things for your home instead of purchasing them at overpriced stores. Building that set of shelves for the living room or that toy box for the kids will ensure that good materials are used, that they will look exactly how you want them to, and that they won't fall apart in a couple of months (hopefully!).

There are also a variety of things that can be implemented around the home that will contribute positively to the home environment. Some things work better for families with smaller children, while some things will work better with families with older children. Structure is generally important for all families. Keeping a schedule can be hard to accomplish these days, but even the act of attempting to stick to a routine (and hopefully actually accomplishing it on most days) can make it easier on the family as a whole. When a schedule or a routine is followed, it allows the family to learn time management, and more importantly it promotes family bonding and encourages families to eat meals together.

There are many things that can be learned from others that are helpful to families and can better enable parents to run their homes and their lives more smoothly. Making even small changes here and there can have a profound impact on children. The children learn from these changes and sometimes implement them into their daily lives forever, eventually teaching them to their children. Educating ourselves on home and family issues and learning tips and tricks to use in the home takes such a small amount of time, and considering the potentially huge impact it could have on the lives of our families it would seem like such a waste not too.

Being a stay at home mom is hard enough. Try refinishing a wood deck while your kids are at home. We live in Orange County and recently restored our wood deck. Deck refinishing in the OC is hard to find. There only a few reputable companies and I called them all. The one that stood to me was Teak Master. Tim, the owner spent time on the phone with me and they did a free onsite visit. The process was fast and easy. The finished product was amazing. Being a mom to me, means facing new challenges every day. This was just another notch on my belt.